Meet Your Team

We are thrilled to be working together and are looking forward to linking arms with you as we launch and grow some wonderful practices.

We are looking for sharp, driven, fun doctors to join our team and we fully expect to be working with top notch doctors in every practice we build together. We want you to be excited about being part of this team – so we’ll plan opportunities to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Come, spend some time with us – we’re thrilled to have a chance to get to know you.


Drs. Vanessa & Jason Helfrich

Drs. Jason & Vanessa conceptualized 100% Chiropractic while attending Palmer. 

The culmination of business degrees, successes and failures in the restaurant industry and years fine-tuning the chiropractic/business systems ultimately resulted in a successful business model for chiropractic.  Their vision was always to help doctors fast forward past the scary beginning months and years of practice, hoping to "figure it out".  They have three boys...Ty, Cael and Alec and believe the philosophy of practice should be family first.  Work to live not live to work.  We train doctors, hire staff and launch your 100% office from Day 1 with the systems we've developed creating success beyond your dreams...and quickly!


Joy Grindeland...CA/NPA Training Officer

Joy has been with Drs. Jason & Vanessa Helfrich since the start of 100% Chiropractic in 2004.  She embodies the WOW Factor of customer service in chiropractic care. She has trained multiple outstanding 100% CA's and NPA's with great success!  She has helped develop the successful systems that define what 100% A Chiropractic Wellness Center is and is truly part of the 100% Family. 

Rebecca Livingood---100% Billing CEO, System Analyst

Rebecca joined 100% Chiropractic when she and her husband, Dr. Brandon opened 100% Chiropractic North in 2008. This was the second 100% office to open in the nation. She's helped train numerous CA's along side Joy on the efficient 100% Systems. She now leads the 100% Billing team to provide Doctors with one on one support to optimize their insurance collections. She assists the offices after opening with ongoing support training phone calls in addition to checking for 100% System implementation within their computer system. Her and Dr Brandon have two young boys, Tristan and Cannon who make living life at 100% that much better.

Cathe Rowe...100% Billing Specialist

Cathe has worked in the Riekeman/Helfrich chiropractic family for 20 years.  She has billing systems and abilities that far exceed the average billing company.  As part of the 100% Family she will lead the doctors through all the necessary steps to get credentialed, licensed and will train the doctors and staff on proper billing codes, diagnosis codes, SOAP notes, bla bla bla....all that nightmare billing stuff that makes or breaks many practices!