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I'm Dr Jason Helfrich and I'm ready for this incredible profession to thrive. Gone are the days of blaming others for our lack of growth and understanding. We need to play at a higher level, educate not only our patients but the general public as to subluxation based Chiropractic care.

I am the co-founder of 100% Chiropractic, a company dedicated to achieving this.

100% is a tight knit group of dynamic doctors, building successful practices and designing dream lives. We have developed incredible, cutting edge business systems helping doctors build  incredibly successful, full ownership  practices, while being rewarded financially for doing so. I also think we have an obligation to move this profession forward by reaching out to the masses and creating a demand for what we do, not simply sitting at a mall booth to get new patients. It's time for a movement, Our message needs to be heard.

Simply put.....we need a movement, a paradigm shift to build these practices and launch our profession. 100% is the company to do just that.

I am a father to 3 incredible boys, Ty, Cael and Alec and married to the love of my life and co founder to this vision, Dr Vanessa Helfrich.

We've built 25 offices, and look to double that in the coming months. If you have what it takes, and are that 1 in 1000, it's time you discovered...

Life at 100%


Hey Guys, My name is Dr. Sam Clavell. I took over 100% Chiropractic North Atlanta about 4 years ago in the city of Austell, GA. I took on the challenge of becoming a business owner, facing my fears and insecurities of ownership but knowing I was dedicated to success and willing to put in whatever work was/is necessary to not only make it but thrive in business. In a city that has the highest Unemployment rate and lowest income per capita, me and my team have managed to create a business we are very proud of. We have had the ability to serve and help heal a community many thought was crazy to open a business in. We did it through Passion for Chiropractic and an insatiable desire to Work Hard. 

This is what I'm all about. The Hustle. I love It. I need it. And even on days I feel very tired I convince myself to #LoveTheWork and continue grinding. 

4 years as a Chiropractic Entrepreneur, I’ve now started the process of opening multiple practices. My second practice will be opening early 2016 in Dunwoody, Ga with plans of opening 5 more in 2016. 

I'm a husband to the most important person in my life, Gretchen. I'm a father to an amazing 1year old, Alexander. Gretchen and I are expecting our second baby mid-2016. 

4 years ago, I met with Dr Jason and Vanessa and listened to their vision, it resonated with my philosophy and my vision to advance this profession forward. I jumped all over the chance to partner in this vision, with full ownership of my office and work towards building my dream practice(s) and design my life.

Now we're looking to present that vision to the world. Ready to change your life?


At the age of 15, Dr. Brandon Livingood decided that when he grew up he wanted to be a chiropractor! By his own self admission, he’s not sure he ever wants to completely grow up but he has quietly become one of the most successful chiropractors in the state of Colorado.  A 2007 graduate of Life University, Livingood wasted little time establishing and building his first highly successful clinic.  

As his wife Rebecca and he began to enjoy the blessings of two healthy and handsome boys, Tristan and Cannon, his passion to continue to help others kicked into high gear.  By his fourth year in practice he had opened two more successful clinics and was helping more people than he ever had before.  

Currently Dr. Brandon has opened 7 clinics now expanding into Georgia and Texas. His passion to help others has spilled over into helping other doctors reach ultimate success as well.   In the challenges of office setup, patient communication and office systems, Dr. Livingood has become a highly sought after expert.  



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