Chiropractic Billing Services

An Ultimate Partnership with Unlimited Possibilities in Chiropractic Billing Services, Procedures and Training

When it comes to setting up your own practice, having the best chiropractic billing services and training is essential.

You’ve been to Chiropractic school and learned the science, art, and philosophy of Chiropractic. You strive to make healthy choices and share wellness principles with your friends and family. You may have been in practice as a doctor or associate – or maybe you are considering opening a practice for the first time.

What’s on your mind these days? How about: financing, company name, chiropractic billing services, legal documents, real estate, insurance, marketing, advertising, health insurance, taxes, benefits, office supplies, business plan, communications, accounting, computers, a network, website, fax and phone, bills, school loans…Oh – and family, faith, and some fun along the way?!? Wow.

Opening a practice can be overwhelming. We know. We have been there ourselves. Throughout our careers we have helped thousands of other doctors and businesses through exactly what you are facing. With some business education and support, it is all possible. Let us help you exceed your expectations.

Don’t be anxious...we can help you reach your 100% potential – and it’s going to be fun!

  • Imagine receiving world-class business, Chiropractic, and wellness training on an on-going basis as you open and grow your practice.
  • Imagine getting into practice quickly and efficiently with significantly reduced financial risk and, potentially, no capital requirements – while building a practice and client base you will own.
  • Imagine being coached, supported, and united with the best of the best chiropractors and mentors in the world and having a robust business support system unequalled in the industry - throughout the most critical steps in establishing and building your own Chiropractic practice.
  • Imagine reaching your business and life goals...the vision you had of your life-to-be when you started this Chiropractic journey years ago, TODAY!   

Fast Forward To Success...

Drs. Vanessa & Jason Helfrich have assembled a world class team, a customized chiropractic billing services program, and a robust operations capability to help a limited group of candidates reach their full potential.

We have begun rigorously interviewing and selecting doctors and future doctors to invest in.  These select doctors train in our training office located in Colorado Springs, CO for approximately 3-6 months...paid.  During this time-frame they are learning not only the chiropractic systems but also the business systems necessary to run a successful practice.   Our team will work alongside these doctors as partners – to help them plan, launch, and build their practices.  At the appropriate time, each doctor may choose to take over complete ownership from our group or to continue in practice using the total support, mentorship, and operations resources of our organization. There is nothing like this available anywhere else in the Chiropractic profession. Why risk your time, practice, and quality of life learning the chiropractic business systems on your own.  Fast forward to success.

Our Philosophy

Our purpose is to empower the most principled and entrepreneurial doctors by providing the resources necessary to build their own practices and to turn their dreams into reality.

We Are Committed to:
  • Partnering with top-ranked doctor candidates
  • Providing corrective and family wellness care training and leadership
  • Building profitable practices through the 100% Chiropractic systems and chiropractic billing services and procedures
  • Making lifelong patient service our primary focus
  • Building volume through excellence and by exceeding patient expectations...our WOW factor

Program Process

The Chiropractic Program Designed To Meet Your Needs

We have designed a unique business model to ensure you reach your 100%. This program is intended to transform you, as a chosen candidate into a successful practicing doctor. The stages are:

  • Become a selected 100% Doctor beginning with filling out an on-line application, setting up a phone call with Dr. Jason and "wowing" us.
  • Train at one of the National 100% Training Office.
  • Partner with us, the Helfrichs, through a franchise model.
  • Let us take care of negotiating build-outs, obtaining business licenses, setting up billing service, hiring, marketing, training you and your staff on the 100% systems all while you focus on soaking it in and planning the future of your dreams!
  • BUILD YOUR OWN EMPIRE OF 100% OFFICES. We have the opportunity for unlimited growth in the company.
  • Open your practice, light your community on fire...change your patients lives through philosophical chiropractic care.

Throughout your partnership with us, we will deliver an optimal mix of teaching, training, support, services, and encouragement to assist you in reaching and sustaining your personal and professional goals.  One of the best benefits of partnering with us is that you will receive personal support and mentorship throughout your involvement with us. We truly care about your personal and professional development. As you near the point in your practice growth when you are ready to decide whether to stay within the 100% family or to own your own practice outright, we will begin transitioning with you and support you during the entire process. Through these transition services, you will consider the three options discussed above –

  • Own your practice outright and conduct all your own services.
  • Own your practice but remain a 100% office including all the benefits.
  • Stay as a partner member. 

We’ll help you look at and think through these options, then help you with the transition as necessary. Can you imagine that? With a hug we’ll help you move on with all you patients and practice intact – or we’ll celebrate your decision to stay part of the 100% team.


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